About us

We are fruits and vegetables importers.

Citricosjugoso is a business placed in Murcia who offer transport and trade to buy fruit and vegetable in bulk. Our company was founded in 2009, altough our short trajectory we has become the most representative business on our sector in La Región de Murcia. 

Because of our fantastic climate our fields produce excellent products with high quality which later they are distributed along the whole continent. This is the reason why our region in addition with “La comunidad valenciana” is called “the Europe´s orchard”.  



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    • We pretend to fullfill the expectations of our customers while we offer the best possible transport service. 


    • Create loyalty relationships with our customers trading products of excellent quality.
    • To consolidate, rise and improve the transport and logistic trade of fruits, vegetables and citrics.
    • We offer products adapted to our cosutme´s needs.


    • We want to get the best quality service updating constantly our installations, material and work tools.  
    • We feel commitment  with the needs of our society and the planet´s sustainability. 

    In Citricos Jugoso our mission is to provide a place of trade where every consumer can buy fruit in bulk and vegetables in all Europe. It can be frozen fruit to buy or only partially. As fruits and vegetables importers we want get close this kind of products to all the Europe´s homes. 

    Our customers has great advantages of trade because we are a fruit wholesaler, so we can offer good conditions about our products. 

    We operate in coutries as UK, Italy, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Croatia, ….

    We are the best way to buy fruits online in all Europe.